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Open My Eyes Lord

Today’s 4thdayletter marks a major milestone. This is the100th 4thdayletter. In September of 2011 God put it on my heart to write an inspirational message to 15 Catholic men in Western North Carolina. Now, 4thdayletters is being read around the world, and it is being read by Christian’s of many, many differentdenominations and manynon-Christiansas well.Each…

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Jesus Wept

Last week I wrote about the song “Live Like You Were Dying“. I wrote about how fleeting life can be. I suggested that we can’t wait to get right with the Lord. This past week those words rang prophetic in my very neighborhood. At the entrance to my subdivision there was a horrible accident involving…

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Live Like You Were Dying

In Paul’s letter to the Colossians 3:1-3, Paul challenges the followers of Christ to think of what is above and not what is of this earth. He reminds them that they died with Christ and with Him they rose to a new life, and in this new life their focus should be on God. In…

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