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Get Your Stink On

Let’s be honest, we come into this world capable of creating quite a stench. Ask any parent who has changed a stinky diaper. Just prior to exiting this life many people find themselves in hospitals or nursing homes once again dependent on others for their hygiene needs. We come in stinky and leave stinky. Spiritually…

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We All Need A Spiritual MRI

People with MS often undergo an annual MRI to monitor their disease. Yesterday I was at Duke Medical Center being prepped for my annual Cerebral MRI to monitor the advancement of my MS. As I was slid into the tube of the MRI scanner, I had the thought that maybe we all need a spiritual…

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Don’t Focus On Your Burdens

What one big burden is really weighing you down at this moment in your life? Does thinking about your struggles occupy too much of your time? Does it consume you? Is it wearing you down? Perhaps, you are too focused on your burdens. The Bible tells us to shift our gaze towards Jesus. Could finding…

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