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Life As A Cup of Wine

Wine plays a prominent role in the Bible. It is mentioned over two hundred times. Jesus used analogies involving the grapevine and branches. He talked about the wine making process and the harvesting of the grapes. His first miracle was changing water into wine. And finally, at the last supper, He took the cup of…

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Will We Answer God’s Call?

No one likes getting endlessly lost in an automated computer phone system. It is quite frustrating when you can’t get through to a real person. Studies show that businesses that have phones answered by a live person outperform businesses that use an auto-attendant. We all prefer to talk to a real person. God does too!…

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Public Sins and Scarlet Letters

This past Sunday’s readings at my church touched on the topics of gender, marriage, and divorce. These often-controversial topics, share something in common. They are all public issues. The stark difference in the way Christians react to public verses private sin reveals a great deal about our human nature.  Please read more… Sunday’s readings from…

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