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Built From A Remnant

The news has been filled with stories of destroyed churches. Several black churches in Louisiana were burned down by an arsonist. Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris was nearly destroyed by what is thought to be an electrical fire. Terrorist bombings are to blame for the horrific destruction to several churches in Sri Lanka on Easter.…

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How Are You, I Really Care?

If you ask anyone the simple question, “How are you,” you can anticipate their one word answer. They will say, “fine.” Is their answer true and accurate, usually not? We have all been conditioned to give this answer. It is easy to say. We anticipate that the person who is asking us the question is…

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Throwing Stones

We have all heard the expression, “people who live in glass houses should not throw stones.” Today we will dig into that expression. Let me begin today by asking you a question. Have you ever taken delight in the misfortune of another person? Be honest. If you have, you will want to read today’s message.…

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