4th Day Letters is a weekly email that we send out every Tuesday as response to a calling we felt from God to inspire and motivate Christian leaders into apostolic action. The Christian movements of Cursillo, Kairos, Via de Cristo, and Walk to Emmaus are experienced over 3 days. Once an individual has experienced these 3 days, the rest of their life is referred to as their “4th Day." Also, Jesus rose on the 3rd day, so therefore I would like to think of all human history, after His resurrection, as the world’s “4th day.”

I hope these letters challenge you and inspire you in your Christian walk.

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Was Blind But Now I See

4th Day Letter’s 5th Anniversary   Has your spiritual life ever been like the seed that fell among thorns? Mine has been. In Luke’s Gospel, Luke 8:4-15, we read this message: “As for the seed that fell among thorns, they are the ones who have heard, but as they go along, they are choked by…

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The Great Scavenger Hunt

Have you ever been on an exciting road rally scavenger hunt? In 2003, my wife and I had the opportunity to participate in one of these very exciting events. Today I want to make an important point about the necessity of “Church” and “Christian Community.” I will try to make my point by comparing our…

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When Words Fail Us

Have you noticed that there are times when words just fall flat? Have you ever tried to console a grieving friend and inadvertently said something awkward? Have you ever been consumed with your own grief and the words of a well-intentioned friend felt more like salt in a fresh wound? Maybe this happens because words…

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Easier To Ask For Forgiveness

Imagine for just a moment that there is a remote mountainous subdivision that has been designed to have a minimal impact on its natural surroundings. Thousands of trees flourish here making up a lovely canopy that the animals and birds have enjoyed for hundreds of years. In an attempt to protect this habitat, a strict…

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A Christ Sized Hole

Just the other day my youngest son Philip, who is 26 years old, sent me a text message with a link to a song that he had just finished listening to on the radio. In the text he stated: “This song might make for a good 4th Day Letter especially in today’s day and age.”…

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The Battle Plan

Are you prepared to respond to God’s call to work for His Kingdom? Are you prepared to change the environments in which you live for Christ? If you answered yes to these two questions, do you have a plan to direct and guide your efforts? May I suggest that you need to have more than…

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The Trip of a Lifetime!

You and I have won the ultimate adventure trip. Jesus is the one who has called us to this adventure. Jesus won this trip for us through His death and Resurrection. Now let me ask you a question, “How would you pack for a trip if you didn’t know exactly what route you will be…

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Written In Red

Over 100 years ago Louis Lopsch had the idea of publishing a Bible with some passages written in red. Most of us have had the opportunity to read from one of these red-letter Bibles. Why are these verses written in red? Lopsch decided to publish a Bible with Jesus’ words written in blood-red colored ink…

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The Lion Sleeps Tonight

The Lion Sleeps Tonight, also known as “Wimoweh” and “Mbube” is a song written and recorded originally by Solomon Linda with the Evening Birds, a South African music group in 1939. It became a number one hit in the United States in 1961 for the Tokens. Here are three of the verses from that song:…

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Spiritual Owner’s Manual

Have you ever assisted one of your children with the purchase of a car? Maybe you bought the car for them, or perhaps you loaned them money so they could buy a car. In either event, your child was most likely thrilled to have their first car. No doubt you gave them some instructions as…

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