4th Day Letters is a weekly email that we send out every Tuesday as response to a calling we felt from God to inspire and motivate Christian leaders into apostolic action. The Christian movements of Cursillo, Kairos, Via de Cristo, and Walk to Emmaus are experienced over 3 days. Once an individual has experienced these 3 days, the rest of their life is referred to as their “4th Day." Also, Jesus rose on the 3rd day, so therefore I would like to think of all human history, after His resurrection, as the world’s “4th day.”

I hope these letters challenge you and inspire you in your Christian walk.

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Isolated and Afraid

Doubt, darkness and despair are everywhere. Fear fills the air like oppressive summer humidity. “What does the future hold for me?” “Will I be the next one to die?” “Will I be able to return to the work I was doing before this happened?” “Has my trust in Jesus been misplaced?” “How could God allow…

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The Healing Power of Touch

Thousands of heart-rending situations are occurring around the world where the Covid-19 virus is separating loved ones from each other in their time of need. One such account, was the story of Gene and Dorothy Campbell who have been together for 60 years. Gene, age 89, who had the corona virus, was isolated inside the…

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Do Not Be Afraid

To say the least, these are strange times. Life, as we have known it, has temporarily halted. The Covid-19 virus has most of us nervous and on edge. Fear of the unknown is a natural human response. The most commonly recurring theme in the Bible is “Fear not, do not be afraid.” Now is a good…

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Is Self Forgiveness Possible?

Have you or someone you know ever uttered these words, “I know God has forgiven me, for the sins of my past, but I can’t forgive myself?”  This leads to an interesting discussion. Is self-forgiveness even possible? Is it Biblical? Is it vital to good health? Is it essential to a state of spiritual well-being?…

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In An Instant Everything Can Change

A group of church friends gathered for an evening of fellowship this past week. Everyone enjoyed catching up with one another. A great time was had by all. Joy filled the air. These friends were bound together by their common love for Jesus. As the evening drew to a close, each couple left. On their…

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I Will Follow Him

Whoopi Goldberg gave an old song an entirely new meaning when she and her chorus of nuns sang “I Will Follow Him” in the movie Sister Act. Spiritually speaking, the lyrics, “I will follow Him, follow Him wherever He may go, and near Him, I always will be, for nothing can keep me away, He…

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Controlling Our Carnivorous Appetite

Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of Lent.  Are you planning to give anything up for Lent this year? Some Christians do, others do not. Many Christians give up their favorite food or drink and most abstain from eating meat on Fridays during these forty days of preparation. Giving up our favorite foods is fine, but…

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Share Your Story

Can you think of something that has happened in your life that left you so overjoyed that you could not wait to tell everyone? Can you think of a time when you received a gift that you enjoyed so much that you could not contain your excitement? Do you have the same enthusiastic response for…

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Incessant Whispers

Did you know that cheesecake can talk? It’s true. Ask Martha. Martha is on her fifth diet plan in the last two years. She has always battled with her weight. This diet calls for no sweets. As Martha walks into the restaurant with her best friend Sally, she spies a piece of cheesecake in the…

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Without Hesitation

Most of us, if we are honest with ourselves, have at some point heard God calling or nudging us to take some specific action. At one time or another, we have probably experienced the whisper of the Holy Spirit encouraging us to make a course correction in our life. Maybe He is calling us right…

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