4th Day Letters is a weekly email that we send out every Tuesday as response to a calling we felt from God to inspire and motivate Christian leaders into apostolic action. The Christian movements of Cursillo, Kairos, Via de Cristo, and Walk to Emmaus are experienced over 3 days. Once an individual has experienced these 3 days, the rest of their life is referred to as their “4th Day." Also, Jesus rose on the 3rd day, so therefore I would like to think of all human history, after His resurrection, as the world’s “4th day.”

I hope these letters challenge you and inspire you in your Christian walk.

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Made In His Image

On October 8, 1997, Matteo Bocelli was born. He is the youngest son of Andrea Bocelli and his first wife Enrica Cenzatti. Andrea Bocelli is regarded as one of the greatest tenors of all time. Now at age 24, Matteo, like His father, is a handsome and talented singer and musician. Clearly, he carries his…

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Danger Lurks Outside Our Door

The horror movie’s suspenseful music conveys imminent danger. In the dark, a potential killer steps onto the porch. Startled by a noise, the woman inside goes to her door and instinctively peers through the peep hole. The man outside does not appear dangerous. You tense up, as she unlocks the deadbolt. Will she invite the…

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Could Implementing A Few Latin Words Change The World?

Rancor, hostility, bitterness, anger, and animosity can be found everywhere. Hatred is playing out on the world stage in Ukraine and is on display in the United States as a result of the recent Supreme Court leak. Sadly, high levels of acrimony can even be found within our churches. What can you and I do…

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The Spiritual Seasons Of Life

My wife and I just returned from our first camping trip of the year. We were excited to get the cover off of our travel trailer, de-winterize, and get everything set up for our 2022 camping season. It seems our spiritual lives have seasons as well. Do you know what season of faith  you are…

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What We Leave Behind Is What Matters

There are many stories of people who have turned their lives around. There have been world leaders, ex-convicts, famous singers, well-known actors, and actresses, ordinary people, saints, martyrs and of course the Good Thief on the cross who have all left a lasting Christian impact. The question now is: what impact will we leave? I…

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What Else Is There To Say

Have you ever been at a loss for words to describe something? Most of us have. We can see or experience something that is so amazing, so grand, so breath taking, so awe inspiring, so life changing, that mere words cannot capture its essence. Well, I guess as a writer, I am not supposed to…

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Mercy Meets Misery

The hosannas quickly gave way to cries of, “crucify Him.” Jesus rode into Jerusalem as a triumphant king, but just five days later He was executed as a criminal. How quickly things changed. Things change quickly in our lives too. One minute we feel close to our Lord in prayer, and moments later, we fall…

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Not Written With Etch-A-Sketch

An Etch-A-Sketch serves as a good metaphor for today’s message. Someone can draw on it, and then simply turn it upside down and shake to make everything magically disappear. We often treat God’s laws the same way. We are prone to turn His laws upside down and shake them off in an effort to make…

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A Lesson In Humility

Sarcasm drips from the words, “I just can’t wait to look in the mirror because I get better looking every day.” The song, Oh Lord It’s Hard To Be Humble, mockingly exclaims with a witty arrogance, that it is hard to be humble when you are perfect in every way. Despite its sarcasm, the song…

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The Mysterious Path to Freedom

A little toddler, having just learned how to walk, tries to exert his new found freedom. With a devilish grin on his face, he looks over his shoulder as he defiantly attempts to run in the opposite direction of his parents when called to come to them. It seems that very early in life, we…

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