4th Day Letters is a weekly email that we send out every Tuesday as response to a calling we felt from God to inspire and motivate Christian leaders into apostolic action. The Christian movements of Cursillo, Kairos, Via de Cristo, and Walk to Emmaus are experienced over 3 days. Once an individual has experienced these 3 days, the rest of their life is referred to as their “4th Day." Also, Jesus rose on the 3rd day, so therefore I would like to think of all human history, after His resurrection, as the world’s “4th day.”

I hope these letters challenge you and inspire you in your Christian walk.

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Jumping The Line

Have you ever been standing in line for a long time, when suddenly one or several people jump in line in front of you? How does it make you feel? The act of jumping in line, also known as butting, barging, or skipping in line, is the act of entering a queue or line at…

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Radio Silence

For just a moment, try to put yourself in the place of Ernest McSorley. The date is November 10, 1975. You are the captain of the Edmund Fitzgerald. Your ship is awash in 35-foot seas and buffeted by wind gusts of 100 knots. The topside fence rails have snapped, the vents were torn off and…

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The Laborers Are Few

Today’s secular society tries to convince us that wealth, fame and power will make us happy. It’s not true!  Unsatisfied by money, notoriety, and control, people frequently turn to alcohol, drugs, porn, and other sources of pleasure trying to satisfy their ravenous thirst for happiness.  Who will proclaim the truth? Who will speak up about…

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The Peace Train-Harmony Challenge

History shows us that the 1960s were a tumultuous and divisive decade marked by the civil rights movement, antiwar protests, and political assassinations. This difficult time inspired many song writers to produce songs about peace. Today, we are facing similar unrest and upheaval.  Inspired by these old songs, I am inviting you to join me…

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Freedom Can Be Dangerous

July 4th is the day set aside in the United States to celebrate independence and freedom. That freedom came at a price. Many sacrificed their lives to make America free. Today, many take that freedom for granted. Many abuse that freedom. Many allow their personal freedom to cause harm to others. Freedom misused is dangerous.…

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Peeling Back The Onion

Onions are part of a group of plants that contain amino acid sulfoxides. As an onion is peeled or chopped, it releases gas into the air that irritates our eyes. When this happens, the glands above the eyelids release reflex tears. To enjoy the taste of the onion, we must accept the tears. When we…

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Ambassadors Of Peace

As one devout Christian is sitting home watching the news on CNN, his good friend, also a devout Christian, is at home watching Fox News. Both men are troubled by the stories tearing the country apart. Both men form strongly held, yet diametrically opposite opinions. Following their recent prayer and share group, they went out…

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Monitoring Our Inner Volcano

It was a beautiful August morning. Hours later, the sky turned black, and Mount Vesuvius exploded without warning. Hidden deep beneath the beauty of the mountain was a tumultuous cauldron of toxic gas and molten lava. The pent-up pressure exploded on August 24, AD79 causing unimaginable damage. Our lives can be like a volcano. Buried…

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Division and Rage

Division and rage are as old as the Bible. Division was ushered in with the original sin of Adam and Eve. It caused a fracture in the relationship between God and man. Following on the heels of division, rage showed up when Cane killed Abel. Division and rage have continued to plague mankind throughout human…

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Spiritual Dryness Revisited

In 2013, I wrote a 4th Day Letter about spiritual dryness. It is something that at one time or another most Christians experience. After reflecting upon the isolation caused by the pandemic, the inability to attend church, and after recent discussions with several Christians currently going through a time of spiritual dryness, I felt called…

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