God Revealed In Nature

Periodically, we all need a respite from everyday life. We can benefit from time spent in nature alone with the Lord. This is why so many great writers, poets, and songwriters have spent time in nature. Nature allows us to realign, readjust, and reacquaint ourselves with God. God’s creation affords us a chance to think, contemplate, reflect, and pray. Please read more…

The natural world, in its vastness and beauty, has long been a source of inspiration and solace for many. For Christians, nature holds a special significance as it is seen as God’s creation, a testament to His power, creativity, and love. Spending time alone in nature offers us numerous benefits, it fosters a deeper connection with God, and it can promote spiritual growth.

My wife and I are in the last week of a five-week RV trip that we are calling our “Discovering God in Nature Tour.” We traveled from South Carolina to the southwestern United States. We spent time in the following national parks: Petrified Forest, Grand Canyon, Zion, Bryce, Arches, Canyonlands, Mesa Verde, and The Black Canyon of The Gunnison. We also camped near the quant towns of Santa Fe, Sedona, and Ouray, CO. God was revealed everywhere we traveled.

I began to write this reflection at Lake Fort Smith State Park in Arkansas. There, early one morning, I went for a walk. I heard the sounds of birds chirping and water rushing. I saw the beauty of the lake. I observed dear frolicking along the roadway, I could smell the freshness of approaching rain in the air. I sensed a feeling of calm. It was as if no one else in the world was awake but me and God. There was no road noise, no television, no cell phones, and no internet. This was just week one, and just a precursor of so much more to come.

I was struck by how this solitude allowed me to hear God’s voice. In fact, it gave me a chance to hear my own inner voice, which is so frequently drowned out by the everyday world.

It’s now our last week and I finished writing this reflection nestled on the banks of Crystal River, just outside of Carbondale, Colorado with the sight of snow-covered mountains in the distance inspiring my thoughts. Our next and last stop before heading for home will be Pikes Peak.

Along the way we were granted the opportunity to witness God in a rainbow, petrified wood, the vastness of the Grand Canyon, desert flowers, the sculptured walls of Antelope Canyon, a horseshoed river, the hoodoos of Bryce Canyon, rock arches, balanced rocks, waterfalls, striated canyon walls, and lots of snow covered mountains.

At times God seems distant and invisible to us. But when we are alone in nature, His power and glory can clearly be perceived in the things He has created. Nature itself becomes the gospel that preaches to us about the majesty of God. It’s as if nature is a book, God is the author, and all created things are the words He has written on the pages. Creation proclaims His glory.

Contemplating creation can lead to a sense of wonder, adoration, and thanksgiving. Whether it is a bird chirping, the sound of the wind, or the rustling of a squirrel in the underbrush, the sounds of creation sing out to God.

Through creation we can gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the divine. When we sit silently in nature, we can marvel at His works and offer thanks for all He has made.

The order and harmony of nature appear to us as a reflection of God’s wisdom and omnipotence. In fact, the complexity of nature points to the very existence of God who has established the laws of the natural world.

Nature is in essence a silent preacher. When we observe God in nature, it allows us to pass from the visible realm to the invisible realm of God. Psalm 19:2 states, “The heavens declare the glory of God.” Everything from the tiniest insect to the most majestic mountain, indeed all created things, demonstrate the interconnectedness, unity, and harmony of God’s wonderful creation.

The solitude of time spent in nature provides us with an opportunity for prayer and meditation away from the distractions of daily life. We can focus our minds and hearts on God. Jesus Himself often withdrew to lonely places to pray. He gave us an example to follow. In these quiet moments, we can pour out our hearts to God, seek His guidance, and listen for His voice.

Many people sense a feeling of healing and restoration when immersed in nature. As Christians we can find this a time of healing when we lay our burdens before God and find peace in His presence.

For some people, getting away on an extended nature vacation like we did is not possible. But one does not need to be on vacation to experience God in nature. Other practical ways to incorporate nature into our daily spiritual practices include:

  • Walking and Hiking: Use this time to pray, meditate, or simply appreciate the beauty around you.
  • Gardening: As you plant, water, and nurture the seeds, reflect on the spiritual truths about growth and God’s care.
  • Nature Journaling: Write down your observations, thoughts, and reflections as you spend time in nature. Look for God’s hand in the smallest details.
  • Photography: Capturing the beauty of nature can be a form of worship and a reminder of God’s creativity.
  • Bird Watching or Star Gazing: Spend time bird watching or star gazing. These activities can remind you of the vastness of God’s creation and His attention to detail.

Remember, the goal is not just to be in nature, but to use the time in nature to draw closer to God, appreciating His creation and seeking His presence. If you have other ways in which you experience God in nature, please share them with all of our readers in the comment section below.

In conclusion, spending time alone with God in nature can be a transformative experience. It allows us to witness God’s glory, engage in focused prayer, glean spiritual insights, and find healing. Plan to spend time alone with God somewhere in His vast natural world. He might just have something important to say or important to reveal to you. You will be glad you did.

Heavenly Father, thank you for the sun, moon and stars that light up the sky. Thank you for the mountains, rivers, lakes, canyons, deserts and grasslands that make up the earth. Thank you for the wind, snow, and rain that comes and goes with the seasons. Thank you for all of your many creatures. But above all, thank you Father, for they all reflect your glory, and draw me closer to you. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen!


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  1. G. Barrie Heinzenknecht on June 6, 2024 at 12:19 pm

    Fabulous theme and letters to match with all different Christian messages, Thank you so very much. Safe journey home. Know you are missed so much in Prayer and Share. Cannot wait to hear more when you pull up your chair into circle of listening and sharing.

    Love to you and Mary Beth


  2. Bill Hartley on June 5, 2024 at 7:22 pm

    Wow…one of the best of the best of your reflections, Brian. Dee and I know it’s no coincidence that you and your lady made this epic trip just before we take off on ours. We will definitely keep your words in our hearts during our trip.

    • Brian Pusateri on June 8, 2024 at 8:45 pm


      Safe travels. Thanks for the kind words!


  3. Randal Romie on June 4, 2024 at 3:45 pm

    Thank you for writing about my favorite subject! As a Landscape Architect, I realized that I discovered my nature ministry as a youth, playing in the woods everyday. Thomas Berry says that these nature images imprint our minds, helping us to “find our place” in the (physical) world. Even as we see the wind blowing through the branches of trees, we subconsciously feel grounded in who we are, and nature becomes the bridge that connects us with the Creator. One writer said that when we immerse ourselves in nature, we can get to the place where our minds clear and we can hear the birds singing; and we come to realize that the birds are singing for us. God loves us so much, His beauty for us can easily be found in nature and each other. Todays’ Mass: (Psalm 90) “Fill us at daybreak with Your kindness, that we may shout for joy and gladness all our days.”

    • Brian Pusateri on June 4, 2024 at 6:16 pm


      You bring a special perspective. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this. How special that you get to co-create with God natural beauty for your clients.


  4. Raymond St-Cartier on June 4, 2024 at 2:46 pm

    Brian. I live I Ontario.
    When I can, I love to be by running water. This soothing feeling relieves tension of ordinary life that sometimes troubles me.

    • Brian Pusateri on June 4, 2024 at 6:14 pm


      I agree. Being by running water, waterfalls or the waves on the ocean are are so soothing. Thanks for sharing this with everyone.


  5. gene klawetter on June 4, 2024 at 10:23 am

    Brian: Thanks for today’s message. I was fortunate to live in Colorado twice for a total of 24 years. I have visited most of the places you write about today and experienced the unbelievable beauty of God’s creation. Like you, many of my “close” visits with the Lord have occurred in the vastness of the Rockies. For the better part of 17 years, I visited the northern New Mexico and Santa Fe areas and experienced the obvious spirituality of the Native Americans living on the many tribal Pueblos of New Mexico. For a number of years, I was fortunate to be able to collect beautiful Native American art, ie. paintings, artifacts, pottery, etc. As I look at the art, I reflect fondly on my many visits with the Lord in the quietness of the West. And yet, He is every where; we just have to make ourselves “available.” God bless you, Brian. Gene Klawetter, Mt. Dora, Florida

    • Brian Pusateri on June 4, 2024 at 10:44 am


      It’s always good to hear from you, thank you for your post today. You are so right, God is in that New Mexico area but then again, He is everywhere. I’m sure you’re many years of experiencing God in that area has left a lasting impact.


  6. Peggy Sabol on June 4, 2024 at 9:28 am

    The first time my husband and I visited the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, I knew this was the area we needed to retire to after living in the Chicagoland area our entire lives. The greenery, the waterfalls, the mountains, and the moderate temperatures all contributed to our love of this area of the country, as it has for so many others. I once met a man who took pictures of waterfalls who told me that, next to Hawaii, North Carolina has more waterfalls than any other state in the union. Just another reason to love this area even more. Praise the Lord for directing us here!

    • Brian Pusateri on June 4, 2024 at 10:07 am


      The NC waterfalls are more of God’s handiwork. Thanks for sharing.


  7. Bob Davis on June 4, 2024 at 7:44 am


    Simply beautiful! I’ve marveled at your pictures that you’ve shared from this special adventure!

    I’ve not gotten as far afield as you, but I am almost always surprised by what God has made for us in the landscapes, plants and the creatures I encounter on my walks. This is especially true when I have had to force myself to get out there, fighting off my own laziness and doubts.

    I am grateful to have the time and the means to photograph and write about my experiences of awe and wonder, and to share them with other people in person, in print, and online.

    Thank You God, for Your creation!

    And thank you Brian, for inspiring and encouraging me in my efforts!

    Bob Davis

    • Brian Pusateri on June 4, 2024 at 10:05 am

      Bob I always marvel at your pictures too. Thanks for posting.


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