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The Epiousios Diet

There are too many diets to keep track of. Most become passing fads. Some are supported by medical data. Others are not. Each unique diet puts forth its own unique claim. One promises to reduce cholesterol levels. Another says it lowers blood pressure. Yet another one purports to reduce the chance of Alzheimer’s disease. Only…

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The Battle Is The Blessing

A young Christian grew tired and weary of his struggle. Despite his desire to be born again and to be a new creation in Christ, he continually fell back into old sinful patterns. He feverishly begged God to change him. He even sought professional counseling. Sure, he would break free for a while, but soon…

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Weeping and Gnashing of Teeth

When two people are mad and arguing with each other, one or both may spew the hateful words “GO TO HELL”.  There really is no greater curse to wish upon someone. Today, these words appear to only be hateful rhetoric. More and more people are rejecting the existence of hell. Modern, moral relativism tries to…

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