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Those Were The Days

In 1968 Mary Hopkin sang, THOSE WERE THE DAYS. Included in the song were these lyrics, “Those were the days my friend. We thought they’d never end. We’d sing and dance forever and a day.” People tend to romanticize the past, choosing to only remember the good.  Christians can get caught up in this too.…

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Greek Mythology had a god or goddess for just about everything. The Romans also had many gods and although their names were different, their deities had much in common with the Greek gods. The early Jews frequently fell into the practice of worshiping false gods too. The sad reality is that most Christians also worship…

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The Road To Self-Discovery

There is a vast difference between self-identification and self-discovery. In today’s culture there is a growing belief that everyone has a fundamental right to self-identify who they are. Some people believe they have a right to self-determine their race, gender, ancestral heritage, and strangely enough, even their age, height and weight. We are called to…

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