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Jesus Wept For Us

Most people when asked the question, “What is the shortest verse in the King James Bible,” correctly answer, “Jesus Wept.” That verse from John 11:35 is referring to Jesus weeping at the death of His friend Lazarus. That is not the only time that Jesus wept. I believe He also wept over us…..please read more.…

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A Witness for Christ

As Christians, we are called to give witness to our faith. Problems can arise when we lose sight of our role. A witness, as in a courtroom, is neither the judge nor jury. Spiritually speaking, that is God’s role. Christian witnessing means telling the story of how Jesus is working in our life. It is…

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Why Is Being Right So Important?

The necessity to always be right seems to be a sad reality of today’s culture. From arguments with your spouse to outright verbal battles over politics, religion, border walls, abortion, gay rights, health care, or climate change, we all seek to make the case that we are RIGHT! What about you: would you rather be…

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