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The Tapestry Of Life

We all know the story of the Wizard of Oz. The truth was hidden behind the curtain. The wizard wasn’t a wizard after all. Life itself bears a strange resemblance to the Wizard’s curtain. Much of God’s eternal plan, at least for now, remains hidden. This time it’s not hidden behind a curtain, it is…

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Without Wax

Do a google search for the word sincere and you will find a debate regarding the origins of the word. One story, most likely arising from folk lore, states that sincere is derived from two Latin words: sine (without) and cera (wax). I am no expert in etymology, but I can state emphatically, that as…

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Is Civility Dead?

Civility is certainly missing in the contentious accusations going back and forth between the two political parties in Washington, DC. Civility is also absent in the aggressive Brexit debates in the UK. This lack of civility is not reserved for politicians. It is on full display all over Facebook, Twitter and other social media. It…

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