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God’s Amazing Artwork

God created everything in the universe, and everyone in it. Each person is unique. Not only are we unique in our personalities and talents, but we each have our own unique cross to bear. Over time, and with God’s help, we can learn to embrace our cross and He can make something beautiful out of…

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Storehouse Of Love

The word devil comes to us from the Greek word diabolos, which means “to divide.” The devil uses every tactic possible to pit us against each other. Has there ever been a time when you have witnessed more hatred, vitriol, division, or acrimony in the world? To combat this bitter divisiveness, we Christians need to…

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In An Instant We Are Gone

And just like that, at age 38, he was gone. It was totally unexpected. There were no goodbyes. He left behind his wife and 2 small children. Nothing will ever be the same for his family. Some die old, others far too young. Every day around the world, lives come to an end. One day…

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