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Stuck In A Revolving Door

Did you know that the first revolving door was installed in Rector’s restaurant in Times Square in 1899? From its inception many people had a fear of becoming stuck in the door. As more buildings installed revolving doors, this debilitating fear caused some people to skip meetings and lunches if the only entrance was through…

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A Blind Surgeon

As many of you know, in June 2014 over three days, for reasons unknown, I completely lost my vision. This sudden blindness landed me in the hospital for a week. A few weeks after my release from the hospital, with the prognosis that I might never see again, I convinced my wife to allow me…

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When Mountains Won’t Move

“Can you hear me now?” Have you ever felt like saying that to God? Have you ever thought the communication lines between you and God were broken?  When God doesn’t seem to answer your prayers, have you wondered if He is listening? Worse yet, maybe He is listening but His answer to your prayer request…

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