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Hurdles Are A Running Event

A lot has changed since I was a young high school athlete running hurdles on a cinder track and measuring the distance in yards rather than meters, as they do today. But one important fundamental remains the same. Good track coaches teach the beginning hurdler that hurdles are a running event, not a jumping event.…

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Two Lies…One Trap

Did you know that Satan employs a very specific strategy to disrupt our relationship with God? He employees two diametrically opposite lies. They work in concert to trap us in despair and isolate us from God. He uses one lie to lure us into his trap. Once in the trap, he uses a different lie…

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Jesus Reveals Himself

Several years ago, as I was driving to work, I spotted a homeless man digging through a dumpster for food. I stopped and gave the man the two donuts I had just purchased.  As I drove away, I realized I could have done more. Instantly I turned around. He was nowhere to be found. I…

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