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Standing In The Mire

Imagine for a moment, that you are standing in a long line of people. These sullen and downcast individuals are weary, having traversed a long distance to wait their turn. Not sure of what to expect, each person is prepared to acknowledge their transgressions, renounce their sins, and start life over. Standing with everyone in…

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Time In A Bottle

Jim Croce wrote the hit song, Time in a Bottle in 1970, the night he found out his wife, Ingrid, was pregnant. Just three years later, he was killed in a plane crash. The lyrics speak to the heart of every person. After all, who wouldn’t want to capture time and put an end to…

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Shrouded By Fog

Have you ever been traveling in your car when a heavy fog settled in making it too treacherous to drive? As the density of the fog increases, the road ahead seems to disappear. The year 2020 is now in our rear-view mirror. What lies ahead for 2021 is shrouded in fog. Will the new year…

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