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Dumpster Diving

A gaunt disheveled man laid all alone in the alley. The smell of the nearby restaurants wafted through the air. The food’s aroma caused his stomach to groan. It had been days since he had eaten. His hunger pains forced him up off the pavement. He stumbled over to a dumpster hoping to find something…

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Riding Elephants

Imagine trying to ride an elephant. Elephants are very intelligent creatures with minds of their own. In an attempt to reach your destination, you might struggle to get the elephant to turn right, but the elephant may instead, go straight or turn left. In the end, the elephant will do what the elephant wants to…

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Waiting For The Elevator

The world’s largest department store was bustling. People were milling around everywhere on the first floor. However, for years Charlie had heard people talking about what was on the second floor. Everything one could want filled the isles of first floor, yet nothing caught Charlie’s eye. Like a man on a mission, he headed straight…

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