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A Day Set Aside To Give Thanks

Thanksgiving Day is almost here but retailers have already turned their focus to Christmas, and they want your focus there as well.  This year rather than one big shopping day, retailers have declared December to be Black Friday Month. Can we STOP the madness? Believe it or not, Thanksgiving Day is meant to be more…

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Did you know that even identical twins are not identical? Each human being is one of a kind. God made each of us unique. He knows us individually and He sees us as special. God does not lump us in groups, yet society is fixated on doing so. Everyone gets stuffed into some categorical group.…

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U-Turns Are Encouraged

Realizing that he was traveling in the wrong direction, the man abruptly made a U-turn. He nervously glanced in his rear-view mirror hoping not to see the flashing blue lights of the police. Seeing none, he continued on his way. Are U-turns legal? It depends on the jurisdiction and the road. The answer could be…

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