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Shout It From The Mountains 2

Can you think of something that happened in your life that you were so overjoyed with that you could not wait to tell everyone you knew? Can you think of some gift you were given that you were so thrilled with you could not contain your excitement? Do you have the same enthusiastic response to…

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Is Hell Full or Empty

Today I want to take a little different approach in this 4thdayletter by requesting your participation. I want you to assume the role of Gate Keeper. Just for a moment in our experiment you get to be the one who chooses who goes to Heaven and who goes to hell. That’s right, you get to…

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Those People

I would like to begin today by asking you a simple question. Is Jesus your Savior? I presume you answered this question by saying yes, so let me follow up the first question with a slightly harder second question. If you profess Jesus to be your savior, your profession itself presumes that you have something…

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