The Pre-Cursillo Process

In today’s letter I want to review the distinct difference between the “Make a Friend, Be a Friend, Bring a Friend to Christ” and the Pre-Cursillo process.

By Baptism we are all called to live out our faith and through our life bring the light of the Gospel to others. We are called to share the good news that Jesus Christ has died for our sins and rose from the dead to reunite us to the Father and give us eternal life. But we cannot by ourselves reach everyone.

Separate and apart from living out our baptismal calling, as Cursillistas or individuals who have experienced any of the other similar 3 day weekend experiences, we are also called to live out the Pre-Cursillo process. We are called to find other evangelists. The fundamental ideas of Cursillo states

“To reach the people it hopes to evangelize, the Cursillo Movement needs to identify groups of people that have special qualities causing them to have greater than average repercussions on the behavioral patterns of the rest of the community; and it needs to find out who the leaders of these groups are.”  -FICM 214

Please permit me to use a secular analogy. In business there is a distinction between the end user of a product and the distributor of a product. If we want to grow our product sales we need to:

  1. Get our product in the hands of new consumers (Make a Friend, Be a Friend, Bring a Friend to Christ.)
  2. Expand our brand and outreach of our product by finding more successful distributors (Evangelicals)

Our product is the love and redemption and saving power of Jesus Christ. The distributors are the evangalizers (new Cursillistas or Walk to Emmaus, Via De Cristo or others).

We are challenged to:

  1. Be a light to others by how we live
  2. Find new evanelizers by carrying out the “Pre-Cursillo” process, by studying environments that need to be Christianized and find effective individuals to seek out to make a 3 day weekend who can also become effective evangelizers.

So ask yourself-

  1. Make a Friend, Be a Friend, Bring a Friend to Christ-Am I living my life in such a way to show the attractive goodness of Jesus Christ to others? “I may be the only Bible someone may ever read.”
  2. The Pre-Cursillo Process– Am I actively studying the environments that I live in to see which ones most need to be Christianized and then praying to God to lead me to be the best potential evangelizers in those environments and to carry out the Pre-Cursillo process to prepare them to have the 3 day weekend experience?
    1. What environments am I studying?
    2. Who in those environments am I preparing for a 3 day weekend experience?

 In my next letter, we will review the study of environments process. 

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