We Are Called

Friends In Christ:

In today’s readings from Samuel 16:1-3 we read that the Lord chose David out of all of Jesse’s sons.One might ask whyDavid?Well, because that is whoGod wanted to choose.

Do we take the time to really contemplate that he has also chosen us? That’s right, he has chosen us. This past Saturday I was invited to address a gathering of Cursillistas in Land O’Lakes, Florida. As I was pulling into the parking lot on that beautiful morning I was struck with this thought. Why am I here? Why has God chosen me to address this group of Christians? I contemplated that question as I sat in my car. The same God who created the entire universe, the same God who created all that is on the earth and in the sky, the same God who spoke to Moses and the other prophets has spoken to me. He has called me. Wow, me! Yes He had a message that He wanted delivered and He, for whatever reason known only to Him, wanted me to deliver it. I was awe struck by that thought. I went into the church to pray before the meeting and begged God to give me the right words to say. I wanted HIS message to be heard by all in attendance.

That same God has called you too, just like He called David. The same way Jesus called His apostles He has called you. Yes, He has called you by name. He has asked you to share His message of salvation with others whom you encounter on a daily basis. He wants you to share His message in the things that you say, but more importantly, He wants you to share the message of His love by how you live.

Our Bible is full of stories of God calling people. Often times He calls people who are the least likely ones we would expect to be called. He calls sinners to become His saints. He called us by our baptism. For those who have attended, He called us on our Cursillo weekend or one of the other Cursillo-like weekends. He chooses many different ways to call us. Now that we know we have been called, how we are responding?

Life passes away quickly. Each day we encounter people and we have no idea of how many days or hours that person may have on this planet. Does that person have a relationship with God? Have they heard about His love and His forgiveness of their sins? Have they heard He has come to give those who follow Him eternal life? People are broken and hurting and Christ is the answer to their brokenness.

If we take a minute to do a honest personal evaluation, how are we doing? Have we responded as the many saints of old, and fully embraced our calling? Do we sense the vital importance of our call, not only personally following Him, but also the importance of sharing His Good News with others?

Today as you finish reading this email take a moment of silence and ask yourself this question. Who is the Lord calling me to share his good news with TODAY? Ask the Lord to direct you to those who need His message. Thank him for calling you. Respond with urgency! Go out today and proclaim the good news of Jesus our Savior!

Part of the calling the Lord has placed on my heart, in addition to sending out these weekly 4th Day Letters and my daily 4th Day tweets on Twitter, is for me to visit and speak to as many groups as I can to help share the Good News of our calling and to help share a message that might re-vitalize our movements. If you would be interested in having me share the Good News of our calling with your group please email me and let me know.

The 4th Day daily tweets are available on Twitter or on Facebookat 4thdayletters. Please share these with others as we work together to get His Good News out in our hurting world.

Dear Lord we thank you for calling each of us to be your disciple. Help us to be the best disciple we can be. Guide us to those who need to hear your message. Help us Lord to live our lives in a way pleasing to you. Amen.

Brian Pusateri
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