Peace Be With You

Many things deprive us of peace. You may be robbed of your peace because you are a perfectionist always falling short. You may be robbed of your peace with an unhealthy preoccupation and fear of the terrorist activities in our world. An illness that you or a loved is experiencing may be the source of your lack of peace. You may be a young adult and your fears of the future are steeling your peace. Possibly your peace is lost because you are endlessly fretting that your house is never clean to your satisfaction. Is your never finished yard work or your attempt to have the perfect lawn confiscating your peace? Are your fears of old age and death seizing your peace? Are financial worries depriving you of peace? The list is endless.

In my case, I found that I needed to become vulnerable enough to admit my brokenness first to myself and then to others. Try as I may, there were things in my life that I alone could not change. I needed to shed my pride and admit I needed Jesus to do that. In other words, I had to let Jesus do what He came into this world to do, forgive my past, restore my spiritual health, heal my brokenness, and GIVE ME PEACE!

This is what I had to do to find peace, what do you have to do to find peace? As I stated above, peace does not imply the elimination of suffering and pain. Peace does not mean everything in our lives become perfect. Peace is found in the assurance that if we have Jesus in our life, we will have all that really matters. Peace comes when we do what we can do and then trust that Jesus’ death on the crossdid all of the rest.

All of us know that peace can be elusive. My wife would tell you that there are many days that I still struggle to find peace. Peace for most of us is not a once and done thing. We seem to find it only to lose it again. Peter was at peace when Jesus called him out of the boat during the storm, but when he failed to trust Jesus, his peace was replaced by fear. Matt: 14: 22-33

One very essential guide we can turn to in our quest for peace is the Sermon on the Mount. These verses in the Bible should be read frequently. Too often we stop short by just reading the Beatitudes. When we read just beyond the Beatitudes Jesus teaches us some important lessons to eliminate anxiousness and find peace. The tools He tells us about are prayer, almsgiving and fasting. If you find yourself without peace you might ask yourself if you are employing these three things in your life. Pay close attention to Matthew 6: 25-34 to be reminded of our dependence on God.

Jesus told the apostles gathered in fear in the upper room, “my peace be with you.” He is telling us the same thing. His death and resurrection assured us of victory, a victory over sin and death. JESUS alone spells P_E_A_C_E. Does HE spell peace for you?

Ask God today to replace any anxiety in your life with His Peace and then trust that He will do it!

“Peace Be With You,” Amen!

Brian Pusateri

Brian is a Christian author and speaker. Brian, a lifelong Catholic, felt his life was forever changed when God spoke to his heart while attending an eight day silent Christian retreat in November of 2011. Soon after that retreat Brian founded 4th Day Letters and Broken Door Ministries. With the God inspired message of mercy and unconditional love that was placed on his heart during that retreat, Brian has been impacting others all over the country and around the world with his weekly letters, his talks, and his all day Christian retreats. In June of 2014, Brian’s life was again impacted in a very dramatic way when his eyesight suddenly became permanently impaired. The initial diagnosis was Multiple Scleroses (MS) but in December of 2019 the diagnosis was corrected to MOG antibody disease, a rare neurological disease. This health challenge has only served to draw Brian closer to God and bolster the importance of this timely yet ageless message.
Brian Pusateri

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